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Growing Big and Strong!

Wiley and Owen – 3 days old

Wiley – no more tubes, stickers, or IVs!

Owen is quite the sleeper!

The boys are doing really well! They both had baths today – which Olivia got to do! Wiley drank a 50 CC bottle, which is a little over an ounce and a half and they’ve removed him from the restricted feedings and he can now eat as much as he can take! Wiley has also been taken off of the IV and they’re saying that he’ll be able to come home Tues or Wednesday! Owen crossed over the 4 lb mark last night and has a lot more energy. He loves to bottle feed and is getting stronger. They’re saying he’ll probably be in the NICU for another week or so.

We’ve been working steadily on the nursery. Crib construction, closet shelves, blinds, new lighting, new carpeting, etc. They have a wonderful space! Friends have been dropping by with loads of baby clothes, bottles and other necessities! The church is planning a big baby shower next week. Dan’s parents gave us two car seats and a stroller… as well as two preemie outfits with reindeer on the feet. They’re going to look so cute!

We’re still working out the kinks on the blog. The format and other things may change. We’re still learning how all this works.