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A Sweet Coincidence

Our family is in the process of moving across town. Dan and I love our new home (much closer to grandparents!!!) and can’t wait to be all moved in and settled! I hope to¬†write a post about our beach vacation, once things are more established in our new place.

Yet, I just had to share this sweet coincidence last night!

Yesterday, our kitchen got all packed up, so we went out to eat for dinner. While we there, we ran into Wiley and Owen’s biological, paternal Grandmother, and three of their cousins!!!!!


We had met their Grandma in the hospital, but it was actually one of the cousins that recognized Dan from an old picture. It was wonderful! We talked for a while; the boys did their gorilla impressions, blew kisses, answered the catechism questions and generally stole everyone’s hearts. A sweet moment that we will forever cherish!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for this kind providence!!