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Daddy Update!

The last few months have been some of the most trying and yet joyful months of my life. It is often hard to remember that “extraordinary afflictions are not always the punishment of extraordinary sins, but sometimes the trial of extraordinary graces”. – Matthew Henry

There have been many sweet moments that I will cherish forever. Wiley and Owen are becoming really responsive! There are coos, grunts, squeals, and all types of other noises that don’t have names. They both love to be talked to and read to. They stare intently and make faces back at us like they’re trying to talk. ¬†They love taking walks around the neighborhood, feeding time, and even love getting baths! ¬†– Dan

There’s nothing better than a little snuggle with your brother!


The boys love going on walks. Porter loves it too!


These big brown eyes melt my heart. Every time.


Owen is so sweet and he’s so snugglie!


Owen is catching up to Wiley in size! They’re both wearing 3 Month clothing here and both adorable as ever!


Owen just pierces right through to your soul when he looks at you!


First of many trips to Grandma and Papa’s house!


The faces they make are just hilarious!


We caught them snuggling together during a nap. They love being with each other!


Our first road trip in our new (to us) minivan! The boys slept the whole way (4 hours) and love their new ride.