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don’t blink

Our family of four went on it’s first outing yesterday. It was short, but nice. Dan and I woke up at a normal hour (before noon, like most days), got showered and dressed, fed and dressed the boys in their new outfits from their Aunts, and all left the house by 9:45. Granted it was only for Wiley and Owen’s doctor visit, but it was still nice.

My beautiful family!!

Their doctor was so excited to meet them! Wiley weighed in over his birth weight at 5 lb. 6.5 oz. Owen had gained 5.5 oz in five days and weighed 4 lb. 7.5 oz. I’m one proud mama!! The doctor said he was really impressed with how well they’re both doing and looks forward to seeing them in a few weeks.

We also used the occasion for a photo op 🙂

Thanks for the cute outfits that actually fit, Aunt Liz and Aunt Sidney!!

The boys checking each other out, while enjoying some Tummy Time!

Days are filled with snuggles, feedings, diapers, naps, and more snuggles. I’m relishing these moments. Before I know it, they’ll be packing for camping trips, heading out to sporting events, and chasing after girls. Don’t blink!