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where have my babies gone?

Wiley and Owen will be 11 months old next week (eek!) and have really started to grow out of babyhood. They want to do more for themselves. They want to explore and figure things out, instead of just letting Momma arrange it all for them.┬áIt’s bittersweet.


this image was actually taken a few days after they turned 10 months . . . just late in posting.

They’re still not quite crawling, but they’re getting around none the less. Their mobility includes lots of rolling, pivoting, and scooting backwards. I love watching their curiosity swell, as they try to engage in this big world around them more and more everyday.

IMG_4594They LOVE eating real food, especially all by themselves off their highchair tray. Wiley gets upset if a meal only consists of “baby” food. Another baby stage behind us.




Owen Thomas, 10 months oldIMG_4634

William Charles, 10 months old