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Happy New Year!!

Sorry, for the lack of posts these last couple weeks. Life has been full of holiday celebrations, helpful company, and a few worrisome events as well (more on that in a bit).

Here’s a recap of the last two weeks:

Wiley & Owen’s 1st Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas with Dan’s family. The boys loved staring at the Christmas tree lights!
Daddy & Wiley, Christmas 2012
Uncle Will & Owen, Christmas 2012

They got a lot of cute outfits, storybooks, their own Children’s Bibles, and a adorable Radio Flyer red wagon!

Dan and I (knowing how spoiled blessed they would be from our family) kept their gifts low-key. I made them their own stuffed dinosaurs to snuggle and play with as they grow. One side is fabric from one of my favorite artists, Joel Dewberry, while the other side is soft minky. I was extremely grateful Aunt Sidney came down early, so that she could help watch the boys while I rushed to finish their gifts on Christmas Eve. 😉

Wiley with his very 1st Christmas gift from us: handmade stuffed dinosaur (see his double chin 😉
Owen with his 1st Christmas gift from us: handmade stuffed dinosaur
(love how he holds his hands together!)
Wiley with Aunt Sidney & Aunt Liz, who helped me paint an argyle pattern on the wall in their nursery over their Christmas visit!
Owen with Aunt Ashley, who was extremely helpful during those early morning feedings!

Wiley & Owen really enjoyed getting to meet Uncle Will, Aunt Liz, and Aunt Ashley for the first time over the holidays! We were so grateful for all the extra helping hands and the boys slept really well each night, as a result . . . whoohoo!!


Tummy Issues

We have also spent a lot of our time these last several weeks trying to help Owen gain weight and keep his feedings down. At first, we thought it was just the normal baby spit-up thing, but as time went on he started spitting-up almost after every feeding. I called our doctor and made an appointment. He recommended a barrin swallow test to check and see if it was a GI issue or a bad case of Reflux. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to get the results and see what the next step is . . . please join us in praying for our little peanut!

Many of our days/nights have looked like this, as we try to sooth our sweet Owen


An Unexpected Tragedy 

On New Year’s Eve, Grammy (Dan’s mom) called and asked if she could watch the boys, so that Dan and I could go out for a date. Our friend, Holly, was willing to come over and give her a hand, so we readily obliged and went out on our 1st date, since the boys came home! Dan and I had a lovely date and knew the boys were being well taken care of (I only sent a couple hundred texts to check in on them). We came home to a calm and quiet home. Both boys peacefully sleeping! We are so blessed to have Grammy and Pops in town . . . they’re always so willing to come over and snuggle and help!

Then on New Year’s Day, Grammy crashed into a tree, while out riding her motorcycle. She got pretty banged up . . . broken ribs, punctured lung, ruptured kidney, fractured hips, broken shoulder blade, broken wrist, and broken fingers . . . We’re grateful she’s alive!! Praise God!! She has a long road of recovery before her, but we know in time she’ll mend and be the best babysitter on the block!

We love you, Grammy!! Praying you heal quickly!!



We hope you had a Merry Christmas, too!