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Lots to catch up on!

Olivia and the boys just got home tonight from a whirlwind tour of Florida. They spent a week on the road and were in Orlanda, Palm City, Coral Springs, and then Palm City and Orlando again. Whew! The boys did really well on the trip, loved meeting cousins, aunts and uncles…. but I’ll let Olivia post about that later.

Here’s a few things we’ve been up to:

Cute boy!

I just love Wiley’s expressions. He says so much!

Owen is such a happy baby! He’s always quick to smile!

Wiley loves his baths! He especially likes getting his hair washed and brushed.

A terrible picture, but cute content!

We had friends pop in for a little visit. Their girls, Cami and Kendall loved holding the boys and getting them to smile, which they are very good at.

Wiley loved Grant!

Resurrection Day! We ate lunch at a friend’s house surrounded by church family! It was wonderful. The highlight of the meal was Olivia’s Strawberry Pie!

Jada loved feeding Owen and even offered to come live with us.

Snuggling with Papa on Saturday mornings is the best! Wiley takes his snuggles very seriously.