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our new normal

Quick Grammy update: She’s home!! Grammy came home last week, after spending the past 4 weeks in the hospital and rehab. She has given tremendous effort and is recovering beautifully!! 8+ weeks left until she’s able to put weight on her left leg and attempt walking, but she’s determine to keep up her daily physical therapy exercises, so that she’ll be running after the boys this Summer! It was so lovely seeing her sitting on her back porch last night, snuggling her¬†grand-babies!


Wiley & Owen, 11 weeks old

I LOVE these two boys more and more, every day!! ¬†Each day brings new developments in their personalities, as well as, new challenges. The greatest challenge thus far (well, besides Owen’s tummy issues) has been the lack of sleep adjustment. I dearly miss an uninterrupted full-night’s sleep. Yet, less sleep is definitely worth it! WAY better than the alternative! Our lives . . . our hearts are forever transformed!

I’m relishing in our new normal . . . hours and hours spent cuddling; more time spent focusing on their hygiene and daily care, then my own; 14 bottle feedings a day, where the boys consume 60+ ounces combined; and truly finding delight in the small things!

Now, for what you really came for . . . prepare yourself for utter cuteness!!!

Wiley has started drooling . . . it’s so adorable! I absolutely LOVE his chunky legs (look at those rolls)! He is a very content baby, who is so happy to lay on his play mat at coo to his animal friends.

the many faces of Wiley . . . his smiles melt our hearts!

blue eyes!

Owen LOVES to sit up and look around!

He continues to be so inquisitive . . . love those dark brown eyes so much!

Owen has gained over 3 pounds in 3 weeks! He has a follow-up appointment with his surgeon this week. I think the doctor will be quite impressed with his progress!


We are blessed!