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simple pleasures

The past few weeks have flown by, and in part it’s because of the Christmas season (cooking, shopping, wrapping, etc.), but it’s mostly because we have two little toddlers that are into EVERYTHING!! They LOVE exploring!

My how they have grown and changed in the last month! Besides being very active explorers, both of the boys are learning new words and chit-chatting constantly! Currently, their favorite word is ta = touch the Christmas tree; touch the lamp; touch the mistletoe; touch the dog . . . you get the idea!

IMG_5819Owen is pulling up on everything and is attempting to stand on his own. The look on this face when he’s pulled up on something new is complete joy! I’ve been trying to get it on camera. He’s become a super fast crawler and changes his location, quicker than I can keep track of. Owen is still quite the dare-devil, thrives on adventure, and isn’t afraid to try new things!

Current Owen favorites:

  • favorite toy: mirrors
  • favorite book: “Mr Brown Can MOO, Can you?” by Dr. Seuss
  • favorite activity: grabbing Porter’s ball and crawling away with it (in hopes that Porter will chase him)

IMG_5894Wiley has finally started crawling, which is a relief and blessing! He was getting soooo frustrated watching his brother move around with such ease and I guess he finally got motivated to try it, as well! It’s still more like an army crawl, but I’ll take it. Now that they’re both moving, I often hear giggles from the other room, and walk into find them “chasing” each other . . . it is so adorable! Wiley hasn’t quite gotten the hang of pulling himself up all the way, but does kneel on his knees a lot. Again, he wants to do what he sees Owen doing (for the most part)!

Current Wiley favorites:

  • favorite toy: balloons
  • favorite book: “I Love My Mommy Because . . .” by Laurel Porter Gaylord and Ashley Wolff
  • favorite activity: eating his snack out of his snack cup all by himself!

IMG_5884Lastly, the boys are really starting to play and interact with one another all day long. They always want to play with what the other is playing with, so they’re learning how to wait and take turns. A hard lesson to learn! Fortunately, Dan was able to capture such a moment on camera the other day. I’ll leave you with the following snapshot of a daily interaction:

W: Oh, a football!

W: Oh, a football!

O: I better grab that football, my bubba was about to play with (and No, I'm not a stinker!)

O: Wow, this football my bubba was about to grab looks pretty neat (and No, I’m not a stinker)!

W: well, I still really want that football O: what, THIS football?

W: well, I still really want that football
O: what, THIS football? yeah it’s pretty great!

W: (fussy voice) MAMA!!

O: but you can’t have it!
W: (fussy voice) MAMA!!

O: what?!? i'm innocent! (ha!)

O: what?!? i’m innocent! (ha!)

O: okay, you can touch it, too!

O: okay, you can touch it, too!