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three weeks

Wiley and Owen will be one month old next week . . . where did these past three weeks go?!?

Owen, 3 weeks old

They are doing so well and getting so big!! Wiley is almost 7 pounds and Owen is close to 6 . . . that’s almost a gain of one pound per week! Wiley and Owen both love laying on their bellies (especially, if it’s on our chests), being tightly swaddled at night to sleep, and eating 😉

They’re starting to spend a little more time awake and alert. After, their bellies are full they look around and listen to the sounds around them. This is also when, they’ll grunt talk back and forth with one another. It’s so precious!!


Papa and Grandma came up to meet Wiley and Owen. It was love at first sight!

Owen loves snuggling with his Papa
    The boys loved spending a week with Grandma
They got their first real bath this week, too! Both of the boys calmed down immediately, when we poured the warm water over their heads.

Wiley thought it was a bit drafty before getting into the tub

“Oh, yeah! That’s the spot! Thanks, Mom!”

Owen enjoying his 1st bath

“This isn’t so bad. I think I like this thing called, bath.”