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five months old

First off, I want to thank my husband, who has done a far better job keeping this blog up-to-date . . . thank you, babe!

It feels like I am always in the midst of something, then pulled away for one reason or another, then begin another task, because I can’t seem to remember what I was doing before the distraction.

Most of my distractions, involve these two cuties:

wearing their Sunday best (though, we know even our best efforts fall miserably short the King of Kings).

wearing their Sunday best (though, even our best efforts fall miserably short before the King of Kings).

So really, I’m not going to complain, as my to-do list keeps growing. I’d rather have happy babes over a clean house!


Wiley & Owen turned 5 months old last week! They are growing and changing so quickly.

Owen & Wiley, 5 months old

Owen & Wiley, 5 months old

Wiley loves chewing on his thumb (teething perhaps?), ferociously kicking his bouncy chair to make the attached animals swing, trying to chew Owen’s fingers, and singing alongside of anyone singing. He’s also started scooching backwards, when laying on his tummy.

"Yum, what a tasty duck!" Wiley has a very fine palet.

“Yum, what a tasty duck!” Wiley has a very fine palate.

Owen loves jumping in his doorway Jumper, talking to his favorite toys and his favorite brother, and trying to sit up on his own. He’s rolled over from tummy to back several times. One night, I awoke to him crying at 3:30 am, only to find that he had accidentally rollen over onto his back. He fell straight back to sleep, once I rolled him back onto his tummy.

Big boy, so close to sitting up on his own!

Big boy, so close to sitting up on his own!

They both continue to be great sleepers (a huge answered prayer!) and big eaters. We hope to start feeding them solids in the next couple months. People are always stating how happy they are and it’s true. They are both so happy and content. They only fuss if hungry or tired. What a blessing!!

"Hey, brother!"

“Hey, brother!”

Our sweet, happy boys!

Our sweet, happy boys!

Nap time is almost over, so I better go attempt crossing at least one item of my chore list! 🙂