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three months old

Owen & Wiley, 3 months


Life with these two is all together wonderful and it only gets sweeter with each passing day! Both boys still get so excited when people talk to them, and try so hard to “talk” back to them . . . they smile these big, gummy smiles and attempt to talk . . . it’s so adorable! Owen loves to stand and would be happy as a lark, if we’d help him stand up all day. I found a gently used exersauser at a consignment shop this week and have a feeling it’s going to be his new favorite spot! Wiley loves to snuggle up close, as I wear him in my Ergo carrier to make dinner in the evenings.

Now that the boys are sleeping pretty consistently through the night (7+ hours), we’ve started to venture out on little excursions. We’ve had play dates with friends, taken long walks at nearby parks, and even enjoyed a lunch date out with Daddy. We also have finally made it back to church . . . how we had missed our church family! The boys are loved so very much there, too!!

Last week, Owen had a third month check-up (a follow-up after his surgery last month). He’s doing incredibly well and was just shy of 11 pounds (he nearly doubled his weight in one month!!). Wiley tagged along and asked if he could get weighed, too 😉 Wiley weighed just over 13 pounds.

We love these boys to pieces!


“dressed up” for our 1st church service in these handsome onesies from our Aunt Liz and Uncle Will

“talking” with Daddy

The boys getting some snuggles from their Great Gaga!
LOVE the expression on Wiley’s face . . . hysterical!!


not sure if that movie uploaded or not . . . hmm.